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Make choices with confidence and risk awareness. As a rule, with everyday activities we are much better. With investing in mind, acquire basic knowledge, preferably if you find a mentor on your path who will guide you, remembering not to follow your emotions.

  Earn money

Earning on the Internet has become extremely popular, and also increasingly easy and affordable for almost everyone. One of the best-known ways to raise money online is to participate in an affiliate program.

  Own business

Alone, in the comfort of your home office, legally, often without investing your own funds, you will set up your own company on the Internet, which can bring a monthly salary proportional to the amount of work you have done.





Board Game (New Edition)

with Exclusive Bonus Strategy Guide (PDF Delivered Via Email)

by The Rich Dad Company

  • GET RICH WITH THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR INVESTING GAME. CASHFLOW was developed by renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad. This game is the ultimate realization of Robert Kiyosaki's vision for an interactive tool to teach investing and wealth building. Put your financial skills to the test and learn how to escape the rat race in the comfort of your own home.

  • EXCITING NEW UPDATES (2014 Edition) After decades of teaching the world investment and wealth building through this tabletop game, things just got even better! The updated CASHFLOW game introduces new playing cards, professions, and an updated game board to expand your play experience. A user-friendly income statement is included to improve your connection to real world wealth building techniques.

  • LEARN MORE AND MORE AS YOU PLAY! Playing CASHFLOW will train you to become wealthy and change your life forever. As you play you’ll learn about yourself, your financial style and how it matches up against your opponents. Sharpen your financial literacy and hone the concepts of investing and money making. Are you typically as saver? Try out aggressive investing Are you typically a risk taker? Maybe try steady growth.

  • PLAY FASTER & BETTER. GUARANTEED 100% SATISFACTION. Test your personal finance skills and strategy. There are now so many new ways to win and electrify all players as they battle for financial supremacy!

Product description


Play your way out of the rat race by generating passive income through real estate, stocks, companies and more.

The updated CASHFLOW starts you in a typical 9-to-5 drag of a job, from there you’ll battle to acquire stocks, houses, apartments, companies and more to build up your passive income until you graduate from the RAT RACE to the FAST TRACK (Where the real money is made).


CASHFLOW is unique from other money making and resource management games. Not only does CASHFLOW coach you on how to secure assets and invest money correctly, it reveals your investing personality. We all like to think we’ll make the right moves when our big opportunity comes up, but the truth is some of us are conservative and some are risk takers. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one mindset, it just means you need to play and practice until you find a winning strategy both on the board and in the real world.

At the age of nine, my rich dad started teaching me to be a rich man by playing the game Monopoly. So in 1994, my wife Kim and I decided, why don't we put onto a game board what my rich dad taught me so people can have fun learning?

So this here is the
CASHFLOW® game. There's actually two game boards. The first thing here you notice, there's two tracks. This is called a fast track and this is called the Rat Race. And most people are trapped in the Rat Race. So if you follow the advice of go to school and get a safe secure job and buy a house and have kids, you get stuck inside this Rat Race and you never get out.

So the object of the CASHFLOW game is to increase your financial IQ so that you can get out of the Rat Race to have more passive income so you don't have to work anymore, so your money's working hard for you. Then you get on the fast track.

To invest out here, number one, you have to be rich and number two, you should be financially educated. The reason so many pro athletes and movie stars lose their money is they have the money, but they don't have the financial education, so they get taken by some of the biggest land sharks on planet Earth, who operate out here. So if you're going to be out here, you need two things: money and education.

So that's what this game board's designed to do. And it's to assist you to get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track.

So this is the first game board of the CASHFLOW game and now we go onto a second game board, and this you may recognize, is a financial statement. This financial statement, now don't get intimidated by it, but it's a very important aspect of your financial education.

For example, my banker has never asked me for my report card. So in the real world, outside of school, this is your report card. Your financial statement tells the banker how smart you are or do you need remedial education.

So CASHFLOW the game, it takes the most boring subject on Earth, which is accounting, married with the most terrifying subject on Earth, which is investing, and we put it together in a game.

So now you've seen the second board game, which is the financial statement, and that part can be intimidating to some people. So the reason I love games and the reason I created the CASHFLOW game is whether you did well in school or not, the more you play this game, the smarter you get, and the problem with my poor dad is he thought making mistakes is bad.

Look, the only place it's bad is in school. In the real world, the person who makes the most mistakes and learns from it, wins. I want you to make as many mistakes as you can. But I hear so many people say, "Well, I played the game once."

I said, "Well, how do you learn anything once?" You don't learn to be a great golfer playing once. You don't learn to drive just driving once. True education is about making mistakes, trying new things and learning, so the object of the CASHFLOW game is have fun, make as many mistakes as you can. Take risks. It's only play money. And have a good time. And that's how you get financially smarter. And that's what the game was designed to do. And that's what makes the Rich Dad company different.

Robert Kiyosaki

author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Investing is a skill you won't learn from books, and learning in the real world can be very costly. You should first learn to control your emotions ...

The CASHFLOW game will teach you practical skills to invest and accumulate assets through fun. Manage your assets and liabilities, invest in the stock market and get out of the rat race! Buy real estate and businesses, invest in shares and precious metals until you get out of the rat race. You compete not only with other players. Your "opponents" are also: the real estate market, stock quotes and unforeseen situations.

You start the game with a full-time job, and CASHFLOW takes you on a journey in which you'll build your portfolio of assets needed to get to the fast track. At the bank, nobody will NEVER ask you for your school certificate or diploma. Master what is really important for entrepreneurs and investors, i.e. a financial statement, and then accumulate assets and build your assets. Games are a reflection of real life. Think about how you react when competing with other players. Do you become reckless when you win? Or maybe you break down in the face of losing? It is better to draw conclusions during the game than in the world of real money - your money.

CASHFLOW will not only teach you how to invest and acquire assets, but above all how to behave in different market situations. You will be able to test your wealth creation strategies that you might not have verified in real life. If you're thrifty, try aggressive strategies. If you like taking risks, try growing gradually. Learn and win!

After almost 20 years of teaching around the world how to build your cash flow, we've structured the most comprehensive investment game of all time to make it even better:

• faster and more interactive gameplay,
• new ways of winning,
• updated cards, occupation cards and fields on the board,
• a completely new and more attractive appearance,
• new cubes and pawns-rats,
• a more intuitive financial statement,
• Even more fun and learning than ever!




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