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The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide a sense of security to the users of the website By using our website, you accept the following terms.


    The administrator of the personal data of Users who are natural persons within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95 / 46 / WE, is finanserka registered in Poland with NIP number 599-247-17-50 hereinafter referred to as or the Administrator.

    1.1. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to specify the actions taken by the Administrator in the field of personal data collected through the website and related services and tools used by Users to perform activities such as registration on the Website. All these activities are subject to relevant laws that apply to data protection. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of generally applicable law.


    2.1. Users registering on the Website will be required to provide specific information, such as name, e-mail address and password. Users after registration can voluntarily provide data such as name, address, messenger number or address, as well as information necessary to complete the payment, e.g. Paypal address or bank account number.

    2.2. As part of the Website, the Administator may collect Users' personal or address data in order to ensure efficient communication between the Service Department and the Publisher.

   2.3. The operator is entitled to automatically acquire and record data transmitted to the server by Internet browsers or Users' devices, e.g. IP address, software and hardware parameters, pages viewed, mobile device identification number, information on the use of the application and other data on devices and use systems. The above information will be collected when using the website or services of external entities. It is necessary to properly identify possible threats, e.g. generating artificial traffic or fraud.

    2.4. The administrator has the ability to process contact details such as e-mail address, telephone number to inform the user about the activities performed. Contact can take place in the event of immediate delivery of important information from the advertiser, incorrect Payment details or via an automatic machine in the form of information about obtaining Lead.


    3.1. The Administrator is entitled to collect data on the Website through such technologies as cookies, tracking pixels and objects shared locally (e.g. in a browser or on a device).
Cookies ("cookies") are small text files that store data locally on a computer, mobile phone or other end device of the User. Pixels are small images that are part of a website's code, enabling another server, including website view measurement and are often used together with cookies.

    3.2. Through the use of cookies, the web server has the ability to save information, e.g. on the preferences and settings of the computer, mobile phone or other device of the User, which are played during the next visit.

    3.3. The administrator may allow external entities, such as providers of advertising or analytical solutions, to collect information using the above technologies directly on websites, they are subject to the provisions of the privacy policies adopted by these entities.


    4.1. The Administrator is entitled to use the collected and stored data on the Website for the following purposes:


  • providing User service, including setting up and managing User accounts, solving technical problems and providing functions;

  • adaptation of the User's offer and experience, including Website advertisements or advertisements of external entities' services;

  • monitoring the activity of all and specific Users, e.g. traffic management on the Website;

  • contacting Users, including for purposes related to the provision of services, User support, permitted marketing activities, through available communication channels, in particular e-mail and telephone;

  • conducting research and analysis to improve the performance of available services;

  • enforcing compliance with the Website Regulations, including combating fraud and abuse;

    4.7. The administrator is entitled to store the data collected and tracked on the Website only to the extent of achieving the above-mentioned business goals.


    5.1. The Administrator does not disclose the Users' personal data collected to unrelated entities without the consent of the Users concerned. However, the administrator retains the right to share data with public authorities, e.g. the Police or the Prosecutor's Office, upon their explicit request in the event of fraud, fraud, etc.

    5.2. As part of the adopted Privacy Policy, the Administrator undertakes not to sell Users' personal data to third parties. In the event of a change of website owner, Users' personal data may be transferred to the buyer in order to ensure the continuation of the service on the Website.


    6.1. Users who created an Account have the right to view, edit and delete data provided by them. The User can do this through the User Panel. The User ensures that the data provided or published by him on the Website are consistent with the facts.


   7.1. All data collected by the Administrator are protected using rational technical and organizational measures and security procedures to protect them against unauthorized access or their unauthorized use.

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