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Payment models in affiliate networks


When choosing this model, you get paid for the user performing a specific action marked by the advertiser.


As the name implies, the fee is paid when selling the service or product offered by the advertiser. In this case, the cookies remaining in the client's browser history often allow you to get a lead even after a period of 30 days from clicking on your banner or reference link.


When promote this model, you get LEAD when the customer installs the appropriate application or program. In this case, no fee is charged to the customer and the advertiser pays only for the installation.


In this case, you will receive remuneration after entering the contact details or registration on the advertiser's website by the user. Often this model appears during registration and providing an email address, which in turn is divided into SOI (single opt-in), the user after registration does not have to confirm the email address, and DOI (Double opt-in), the user after registration must confirm the email address.


Interestingly, the model most often chosen by publishers is cost per lead, most likely because it is one of the oldest and most common models in affiliate networks.




Affiliate marketing is gaining more popularity among advertisers due to the high effectiveness of advertising activities conducted in this model. This type of marketing is also very popular among publishers (website owners, bloggers, freelancers) who, by choosing an affiliate program (advertising) appropriate to the context of their own website, obtain a stable source of income. In short - the affiliation is focused on the effect. Depending on the campaign, it is user registration, submitting an inquiry or selling the advertised product. Publishers are not paid for the mere display of the ad.

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The first thing need to do is choose the program with whom you want to work and get your profits. Immediately after registration, you will receive access to the User Panel, where you will find the most important and necessary tools to get started.

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Choose the affiliate program you want to earn from. All you have to do is choose the program that interests you the most and suits the recipients of your site, blog, etc.

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When you collect the right amount to withdraw, you can withdraw it depending on the program you choose. It can be a payment to a PayPal account or via bank transfer.

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